Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Middle school readers will want to dive into GREEN GLASS SEA by Ellen Klages

Eleven year old Dewey travels alone to a town that is not on the map. It's 1943 and she's joining her father at his new workplace in the New Mexico desert. Since it's wartime, his work is part of a very big secret, and she has never lived with him by herself, Dewey has a lot of questions.

The author makes the locale, the secrets, the people and the landscape come alive in her descriptions of life at Los Alamos during the building of the atom bomb. This is an old story, but this time, it's told from the perspective of Dewey and her friends--and her nemesis, Suzy, who also feels like somewhat of a misfit. Suze likes art; Dewey likes mechanical challenges and building things from odd findings at the dump.

Sometimes Dewey and Co. are just kids and other times they must figure out how to act and react in this unusual environment. A compelling read for both girls and boys who like mystery and well-developed characters.

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